About Us

The aim of Gresham House New Energy is to generate sustainable financial returns for our investors while supporting the shift from finite resources to a clean energy world.

The investment team includes responsive, analysis-driven investment managers who understand the potential of clean energy, and have an impressive track record to prove it. Our target clients are yield-focused investors seeking capital preservation.

The team creates attractive investment offerings which are focused on the three key leading transformative technologies – solar power, electric transportation and energy storage. ‘Attractive’ means strong downside protection, a sustainable yield and an appropriate investment horizon. Where a tax-efficient feature is achievable the investment team seeks to access this also.

Why invest in Gresham House New Energy

Over the last decade since 2007, Gresham House New Energy (formerly Hazel Capital) has successfully invested in the very rapidly changing energy landscape despite regulatory uncertainty and complex risks. It has harnessed its team’s technical and investment expertise to produce a strong track record while delivering sustainable, attractive yields for its investors and preserving capital. Gresham House New Energy has invested across the clean energy spectrum in wind, rooftop and ground-mounted solar, energy and battery storage and electric transport technologies. By having good capital-backing, best-practice management processes and an IT infrastructure which minimises costs and the potential for inefficiencies, the team has been free to apply its core competences. This, combined with a resilient determination to learn, has allowed Gresham House New Energy to maintain its edge over the competition and the result is one of giving our investors a feeling of pride that comes from successfully investing in new and critical areas of the clean energy industry.

The Gresham House New Energy portfolio of renewable energy assets is appropriate for investors who seek strong ‘downside’ protection, a sustainable yield through annual income distribution (where applicable) and tax efficiencies (VCT investments) while investing in a growth sector with significant opportunity in new energy infrastructure.

How to Invest

For further information about Gresham House New Energy investment opportunities, please contact Lizzie Darbourne by email: l.darbourne@greshamhouse.com or 0203 903 0562 / 0770 368 1114

Investor profile:

Gresham House New Energy products require capital in terms of both equity and debt. For each opportunity we always target the most appropriate investors. At times this means tax-efficient equity products most suited to an individual investor and at other times it suggests bank financing.

Historically, over the last ten years, Gresham House New Energy has worked and offered products ranging from bond issuances to large institutional investors, to EIS and VCT offerings to individuals.

The constant across the board has been the intent to protect investors’ capital and to provide an attractive cash yield as well as, if possible, additional upside.