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Batteries on the boil as fund attracts investors

10 November 2018 – Patrick Hosking at The Times Patrick writes: Investors have sunk £100 million into a new listed company that aims to use shipping containers packed with lithium-ion batteries to buy, store and sell electricity. Gresham House Energy Storage Fund claims that it will make a return of 15 per cent a year...

Potential profitability of battery storage in the UK

9 November 2018 – Proactive Investors “Investors have yet to grasp how profitable battery storage in the UK might become” Investors don’t realise the scale of the opportunity in power storage, argues Ben Guest, the manager of Gresham House Energy Storage Fund PLC (LON:GRID). There is a huge boom underway in wind power and while...

More investment needed to keep up with decarbonisation

More than £6bn will need to be invested in the UK’s energy storage market by 2030 if the nation is to decarbonise at the rate necessary to meet legally-binding carbon targets, concludes Aurora Energy Research

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