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Power Bond offer successfully closes

Hazel Capital’s “Power Bond” offer has successfully closed.  In the fourth quarter of 2016 £6.5m was raised in secured loans and construction of the 20MW battery infrastructure project is now well underway and will be commissioned in March 2017.  The next Power Bond offer is expected to launch late in 2017. For further details please...

Ben Guest talks to Ben Yearsley, Director of Wealth Club

Please click the video link below to find out more about Hazel Capital’s new Power Bond offer.  Hear Ben explain how the bond works, describe the battery and engine energy storage project it is funding and outline how it will deliver a fixed interest rate of 8%pa.

Power Bond Offer Launches

Hazel Capital has launched its latest investment opportunity, the “Power Bond”. We are issuing £6.5m in secured loan notes (“Power Bonds”) to fund a 20MW battery infrastructure project near Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Power Bonds offer a fixed return of 8% per annum over 2½ years through senior-ranking debt secured on the assets and revenue of a grid...

Hazel Renewable Energy VCT 1 and VCT 2 Refinance Portfolio Companies

Hazel Renewable Energy VCT1 plc and Hazel Renewable Energy VCT2 plc (‘VCTs’) completed a refinancing of UK solar generation assets on 2 March 2016 in the form of Senior Secured RPI-linked bilateral loans. The assets in question, totalling 11.4MW of capacity are owned by the portfolio companies, AEE Renewables UK 13 Limited, Priory Farm Solar...