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MPs are calling for onshore wind barriers to be removed | The Times

Exciting article on how MPs are calling for the inclusion of onshore wind projects in energy subsidy schemes.   To read the full article click here.

Gresham House Renewable Energy VCTs exit their investments in ChargePoint Services

Gresham House Renewable Energy VCT 1 and Gresham House Renewable Energy VCT 2 have exited their investments in ChargePoint Services Ltd (CPS) via a trade sale to French Utility, Engie, as part of their buyout of CPS. Engie is the second-largest provider of EV charging stations in the world and through this deal will add...

Power Engineering International – Bloomberg predictions

In this article, “Bloomberg predicts wind and solar will power half the world and bag $9 trillion investment” from Power Engineering International, Kelvin Ross writes that wind and solar energy are now the least expensive power generating option in c.two-thirds of the world. The prediction by Bloomberg is these two leading forms of renewable energy...

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