Solar Fund Launch – Press Release

The Gresham House New Energy team have been speaking to the press about the launch of FIM Solar Distribution LLP’s, “D” Shares offer.

Ben Guest, Head of Gresham House New Energy, said: “This Fund expansion will enable us to meet the growing demand we are seeing from investors interested in solar assets.

“Ground-mounted solar parks are now a proven mainstream asset class delivering attractive returns, with a combination of low operational risk and high levels of annuity style cash flows.”

Wayne Cranstone, Fund Director of FIM Solar Distribution LLP, said: “The FIM Solar Distribution “D” Shares launch is the first investment offer since the acquisition by Gresham House of FIM, and highlights the significant progress that has been made integrating the two businesses.

“The Fund expansion will help investors to maximise the return from their capital within a structure which is substantially more tax efficient than a listed vehicle.”

The press release can be viewed here: FIM Solar Distribution Fund press release

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